If you are looking to build a New Home in Sarasota, The Vision Group can take care of all your Sarasota Homebuilding needs. Mike Padgett, a lifelong Sarasota resident has been involved in building homes in Sarasota since 1991. Because we are a Sarasota Green Home Builder, we know and understand the needs associated with building sustainable homes in South West Florida’s finest community.

We are one of just a few dedicated Sarasota Green Home Builders who can build a healthy, efficient, and comfortable new home for you. Sarasota Green Building Construction is nothing new to The Vision Group; we have more than 8 years experience in Green Home Building, saving our customers thousands of dollars on their energy bills, and helping our environment.

We know the importance of choosing the right Sarasota Home Builder and the extensive research that goes into making such a decision. You’ll sleep easier knowing your home is in the hands of our skilled team that has built nearly 400 homes in the Sarasota Florida area. We are confident that we will build your family a durable, environmentally friendly home that will truly be enjoyed for years to come.

While going green hasn’t exactly been free for Vision Homes, the green certification process has increased the selling price of the home by 4 or 5 percent. Implementing green concepts in most homes would cost about $4,000 to $5,000 more than the cost of a non-green home, but the payoff comes within a few years through reduced utility bills and tax incentives.

Techniques we use

  • Low VOC paint
  • Spray foam insulation
  • Passive heating, cooling, ventilation, and lighting
  • Sustainable building materials