What Is a Green Home?

More and more Americans are deciding to go green due to the critical condition of the environment. Whether it’s using eco-friendly products or starting to live a more sustainable lifestyle, these simple acts are what will save our planet someday. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to help solve the climate crisis we’re facing, and one of them is building green homes.

In this article, professional green home builders share the benefits you can enjoy from a green home, as well as its must-have characteristics.

What Exactly Is a Green Home?

A green home is a house that’s good for the environment and those living in it. It provides positive contributions and limits the negative impacts it can bring to our planet. Green buildings are specifically designed to minimize carbon footprints by using eco-friendly materials, energy- and water-efficient methods, and more. While living a greener life involves numerous factors such as participating in eco-friendly practices, building a sustainable home can significantly benefit the environment in the years to come.

What Makes a Home Green?

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Before buying a green home or constructing a new one, you must understand the characteristics a house must have to be considered truly green. Here are some of the following factors you must keep in mind:

  1. Location – The property should not be located in environmentally sensitive areas, such as farms, wetlands, and the like. The ideal places to build green homes are former factories, rail yards, parking lots, and shopping malls. You must also consider the distance between your house and the transportation terminals to minimize carbon emissions from personal cars. Walking and riding a bike is highly encouraged.
  1. Size – Having a small-sized green home is better than having a mansion-like house. The science behind it is that, essentially, larger properties will definitely use more resources than smaller ones. With a small eco-sustainable house, you’re saving space, money, and environmental resources while producing less pollution.
  1. Design – The building’s design should bring maximum natural daylight indoors to reduce energy consumption from lighting. This can be done by using light shelves, skylights, and other furniture. Various exterior features can also be utilized to act as a sunshade during the hottest days of the year.
  1. Materials – Green homes are built using non-toxic and eco-friendly materials, such as paints and sealants without [1] volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Also, if using wood-based materials, make sure to choose ones that come from accessible, eco-sustainable, and rapidly renewable resources like cork and bamboo.
  1. Resource Efficiency – A green home must be both energy- and water-efficient. It should only have energy-efficient heating and cooling systems and water-saving irrigation systems. Installing water-efficient fixtures in your kitchen and bathroom is also essential, including a rainwater collector and storage system if you live in a state that mostly experiences dry seasons.
  1. Renewable Energy Source – Installing solar panels, geothermal heat pumps, small wind systems, and more to generate your own energy is vital for a green home. With today’s technology, many communities, establishments, and houses already utilize such renewable energy sources, with photovoltaic (PV) devices being the most common.

Build Your Green Home with The Vision Group

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